As the weather turns colder and the growth of the grass finally slows down, it’s time to start thinking about putting the lawnmower away for the Winter. Lots of our customers like to get a final service done on their mower so it’s ready to go when the Spring eventually comes around.

This end-of-season service will go a long way to helping to maintain your mower over a period of non-use. However, unused petrol or oil left in a lawnmower over the winter can cause problems, blocking up the carburetor and encouraging the formation of rust. So this year, we are launching a new “Hibernation” service! Before you put your mower away for the next few months, bring it in to us at Renew Enterprises and we will drain all the oil and petrol from it, carefully disposing of these waste liquids correctly. Then, return to us in the Spring and we will refill your mower with fresh oil and petrol. This will maintain the life of your mower and save you money.

Our introductory offer for the Hibernation Service is just €25 and runs for the month of November. Call us on 089-2436006 or 089-2053942 to book your lawnmower in today!


Did you know?

We use the waste oil taken from lawnmowers to lubricate our kindling machine. Waste not, want not!



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