The humble pallet is the unglamorous workhorse of industry, yet when cast off as having no further use, with a little imagination it can be transformed into a serviceable piece of furniture. Our team take pride in looking at a pallet and imagining it in a new life.


Waiting for the makeover…

And this is what we can do with them…

For those of a musical disposition, the glockenspiel coathook board is a quality addition to any hallway. For €(price on application). Please allow two working days for manufacture.

These planter frames add a touch of greenery and break up space in lounge areas, kitchens and hallways. This model is available for €(price on application). Please allow (two) working days for delivery.

This also works outdoors for patios, yards and paved areas. This version has a heavier weather-proof paint.


We can’t supply the view, but the table and chairs are available for €(price on application). Please allow (7 days) for manufacture and delivery.






Children love bunk beds, but did you know herbs did too? This herb tower makes it easier for the chef of the house to pick fresh herbs (and less back-breaking for the gardener too!)Price €(on application), allow four working days for manufacture.


These large planters are ideal for the patio or yard where there would otherwise be little greenery. This popular style is available in a range of colours for €(on application), please allow (seven) days for manufacture.