One area in which we are developing expertise is in contributing to a whole new local landscape. whether it is a beer garden, a village green, a local park, a stop-off on the greenway or neglected open space, Renew can advise on, design and produce a range of planters, window boxes, seating, bird tables and other garden furniture which add the “real feel” to the project. In February 2020 we worked with Focus Ireland on their Parliament Street Project, Waterford. See more at Focus Ireland , Waterford News & Star and The Irish Times. 


This quiet arbour arch is just the spot to calmly watch the world go round or to contemplate life, the universe and everything. €258 allow four days for collection

Planters offer a space to put in flowers and small shrubs that would not necessarily survive if planted in open ground. This basic planter model can be used in many places in different colours, and with different plants to create visual variety.


When bikes are beyond economic repair they can be repurposed as a quirky planter stand. This combines two old bikes and two standard Renew window boxes in an attractive presentation. €95.00


This double planter box arrangement also provides a worktop for repotting, or as display for a range of small potted plants. €150 Allow four days for availability.


This is our basic planter stand on this occasion providing a stand for potted plants. Renew can mix up basic stock items with bespoke pieces to provide something unique for your project. €90.00

“All creatures great and small.” This double bird house gives a sheltered perch for doves and other medium-sized birds, together with a nesting box for smaller birds. €85.00













The pictures below taken before the project commenced show what has been achieved by Focus Ireland and Renew
Enterprises working in partnership. We were commended for our work on this project by Focus Ireland Focus Recommendation. 

Renew enterprises are more than happy to work with any organisation looking to make environmental improvements in this way. We are willing to discuss ideas and quote prices. We can also work on joint applications for funding with you. Our approach is ideal for the Waterford Community Enhancement Programme and we are actively looking to partner applicants in this programme. For enquiries about Special Projects contact Norman or call on 089-243-6006.