Repair and service of bicycles, tools and small engines, upcycling quality pallet furniture

About us

Renew Enterprises offers many services such as e-bike rental, repairs and servicing of bicycles, lawnmowers and small engines. We also upcycle wood garden furniture such as picnic tables and benches, bird boxes and window boxes.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to use as much recycled timber and materials wherever possible. We also remain mindful of the need to price our products and services in a manner that makes them affordable. We also like to provide those furthest away from the employment ladder the help needed to get back on.

Community Engagement

We undertake to provide these saleable products with the purpose of benefiting the local community at large, and creating employment. We believe people have the right to participate fully in life from an economic, social and cultural perspective. We create full-time employment for people who are most distant from the labour market to learn, train and practice new skills and to experience working in a real time working environment and also offer accredited courses.