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One Day Basic Introduction to Bicycle Mechanics

Renew’s One-Day Bike Workshop was designed to create a course that would cover the most common and essential parts of bike maintenance over the space of just a few hours. It gives learners the practical tools to perform minor repairs and a basic service for their bike as well as that of family and friends.

Ideally, this course would be run for approximately five learners. The key in conducting a course like this is to avoiding stretching the group too much in the time provided for. Keeping our numbers low means that the needs and speed of each individual participant can be catered too. This helps to keep the course running smoothly and results in very positive feedback from our participants after the course is over.

Below are what we propose to cover in a one-day bike programme to give participants a really good grounding in the basics of bicycle maintenance. Each section will include a demonstration by our tutor and then an application of that knowledge by the participant. We have left some lee-way for each participant based on their own individual needs. Including a 30 minute break and a 20 minute sum-up at the end, the proposed course will last six hours.

  • Removal of wheels, front and back (30 minutes)
  • Puncture (40 minutes)
  • Brake Cables (30 minutes)
  • Brake pads + Disc pads (30 minutes + 30 minutes)
  • Changing a gear cable (30 minutes)
  • Help to tune the gears (30 minutes)
  • Removing pedals (20 minutes)
  • Saddle removal and adjusting (20 minutes)
  • Headset adjusting (20 minutes)
  • Removal and replacement of chain (20 minutes)

All bikes, equipment, tools and materials are provided by Renew Enterprises. This course can be run at our workshop in our premises in Johnstown, Waterford. Alternatively, we can run it at a suitable venue in another location.

Pricing – POA

Personal Effectiveness QQI Level 4

This QQI course is designed to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to apply a range of personal and learning skills in a variety of personal, civil and vocational contexts. It aims to empower the learner to operate with autonomy while under general direction.

Learning Outcomes of Level 4 Personal Effectiveness

Learners will be able to:

  • Outline the principles of personal effectiveness
  • Compile a range of methods and strategies to achieve personal learning goals to include external and self-evaluation
  • Compare personal strengths and weaknesses in the learning process to include establishing own learning style
  • Describe areas of personal responsibility in health, hygiene and safety in a range of civic and vocational contexts
  • Define the characteristics of good group or team work, to include differentiation of roles within a team and adherence to established rules and guidelines
  • Implement a practical action plan designed to accomplish short and long-term learning goals, to include ongoing feedback and monitoring of achievement
  • Respond to personal and or interpersonal issues or challenges that arise in a civic or vocational context, to include identifying the features and cause of the issue, finding and implementing a solution, and evaluating the outcome of the action(s) taken
  • Demonstrate negotiation skills and an ability to deal with conflict, to include giving and receiving constructive criticism, compliments and feedback
  • Use appropriate safe and hygienic practices in a variety of civic or vocational contexts
  • Work as a member of a team or group, to include taking the lead in an activity or task

Pricing – POA

City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Cycle Mechanics

Our professionally accredited City & Guilds Level 2 course teaches the essential skills for mechanical excellence in bicycles. Anyone who wants to be successful in the bicycle industry should have this qualification on their CV. The course is also ideal for confident home mechanics who want to develop their skills to a professional standard. This is an accredited ten-day course that teaches bike mechanics to City & Guilds “Level 2 Cycle Mechanic” standard – the industry- standard qualification for professional mechanics. Our course also contains a manual handling course at its beginning. Each unit is taught in a detailed, systematic way, to ensure that learners follow the correct procedures and tasks are completed to a professional standard. It is extremely useful to anyone working in the bike industry who wants a recognised qualification or experienced home mechanics looking to take their knowledge to the next level.

We teach in small class sizes of 5-6 participants as required by our accreditors, making for an intimate class atmosphere. We usually deliver the course 2 days per week over 5 consecutive weeks but this can be adjusted as required. The course is very hands-on: Our tutor demonstrates professional techniques and then there is plenty of time to practice and hone new skills. The course is mainly practical with a small written element. If required, we can support participants with reading and writing skills. This is an accredited course: Each unit will be assessed as we cover it. Upon successful completion of all assessments, participants will achieve a City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Cycle Mechanics. We supply each learner with all tools, materials, equipment, a work stand, and comprehensive teaching notes. We provide dedicated “teaching bikes” to ensure a consistent learning experience – leaving participants free to practice their newly-learned skills on their own bike when they get home.

The courses we conduct here at Renew are central to our mission to create meaningful employment in Waterford City, with the vast majority of participants who complete the City & Guilds course going onto further education or mainstream employment. Considering that Waterford has a bustling cycle industry, thanks to the Greenway and Waterford’s future planning as an ‘Active City’, there is no limit to the impact that such a qualification can have on people’s lives.

Pricing – POA

Four Stroke Engine Maintenance QQI Level 3

This course is accredited under the QQI system as a Level 3 course and is an excellent entry point into education regarding engines and machinery. This five-day course also contains a manual handling course at its beginning.

Class size can be up to 10 participants, with learners paired up on each of our 5 stock mowers, to ensure a well-rounded teaching experience. This programme is ideal for those who wish to understand the operation of four stroke engines and those who wish to know the basic in terms of servicing and maintaining mechanical engines.

Our tutor gives an extremely thorough overview of the functioning and maintenance of four stroke engines in this applied course. The course is mainly practical with a small written element. We will supply all tools, equipment and materials along with dedicated “teaching lawnmowers” to ensure the learning experience is consistent throughout the course. This course is of particular use to those who work or wish to work on grounds-keeping in sports clubs, schools, parks or other recreational facilities as well as those searching for employment in machinery repair. Further, it gives an accessible avenue for those looking to re-engage with local educational initiatives in the search for meaningful employment.

Pricing – POA

We worked with the tutor on some real problems on lawnmowers and that was the best part. It really brought the course to life and made it more relevant to me.


Renew Student

I really enjoyed the course. I can’t recommend it highly enough!


Former Renew Student

I had such a great time, I didn’t want the course to end!


Former Renew Student

We worked with the tutor on some real problems on lawnmowers and that was the best part. It really brought the course to life and made it more relevant to me.


Former Renew Student

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